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Serving the Manufacturing Industry with the Coatings They Need

Your industry and coating application have their own unique challenges, and Trinkote Industrial Finishes is ready to provide you a coating to meet those challenges.  Whether your coatings are applied by spray, electrostatic, robotic, flow coat, dip or roll coat, Trinkote can engineer a coating to best meet your application and industry requirements.

Material Handling Equipment * Engineered Steel Building Manufacturing * Structural Steel Fabrication * Agricultural Equipment and Related Products * Prepainted Slitted Hot Rolled Steel Coil * Construction Equipment and Related Accessories * Oilfield Related Equipment * Furniture, Shelving, and related Components * Railcar and Transportation Industries * Specialty Industries


Good Chemistry Calls for Engineering Coatings that Consider Safety and the Environment We Live In

Whether your product finish application requires a solvent-borne system or will allow the use of a water-based coating, Trinkote will work with you to formulate a finish that gives you the performance and end results while exploring all possible means to reduce emissions and provide a safe work environment for your people.  We, at Trinkote believe that taking the extra effort to develop more environmentally conscious coatings is part of our and our customers’ legacy that we want to pass on to the next generation.

Water-based Coatings Technology

The advancements in Water-based Coating technology has created the opportunity to use these coatings in a broader variety of applications.  These coatings are typically lower in VOC emissions and provide a safer environment for the people in your facility.

Water Reducible Alkyd

Alkyds are easier to apply and have the benefit of protective qualities. They can be formulated for spray, dip, and flow coat type applications, and can be cured by air dry, force dry, and baking cure systems. Additionally, Alkyds can be modified with other polymers for additional benefits. Alkyds are typically used for heavy equipment, containers, automotive, castings, and general metal fabrication.

Acrylic Emulsion

Acrylic Emulsion Coatings are typically fast drying with protective qualities and a low VOC. They are formulated for spray, dip, and flow coat application and can be dried under air dry, force dry, and low bake conditions.  Acrylic Emulsions are widely used in various markets such as structural primers, rail and transportation, along with various other general industrial applications.

2-Component Water-Reducible Epoxy Primers and Topcoats

2-Component Epoxy Primers are known for corrosion resistance and durability. They are spray applied type coatings and require mixing the two components prior to application.  2-K epoxies cure by cross-linking and dry by air dry or forced dried methods. They are typically used on heavy equipment and maintenance where added corrosion resistance is required.

Polyester High Solids Water-borne

Polyester High Solids water-borne offer flexibility as well as impact resistance and favorable gloss retention. They may be formulated for spray, dip, or roll coat applications that are cured by baking systems. Primarily found in metal furniture, lockers, and shelving industry, Polyesters are also used for coil coating applications.

structural primer

Solvent-borne Coating Technology

In tough application environments, solvent-borne is typically the coating of choice.  They provide durable finishes and are more forgiving to less than perfect surface preparation.  With continued technological advancements in the various polymers, these coatings can be offered in lower VOC and higher solids at manageable application viscosities giving you a broader selection of coating choices.


Alkyds are easy to apply and have the benefit of protective qualities. Spray, dip, and flow coat application types are available. They can be modified with various polymers such as acrylics and phenolics to provide an extended array of properties.  Alkyds can be cured by air dry, force dry and baking systems, and they are available in conventional solids as well as low VOC/High Solids formulas.  These products are typically used for applications to heavy equipment, containers, automotive, castings, structural primers, and general fabricated metal components and parts.

Polyester High Solids

Polyester High Solids offer flexibility as well as impact resistance and gloss retention. They are typically applied by spray and electrostatic spray application and require a bake cure.  Typical applications are metal furniture, lockers, fixtures, and shelving.

Single Component Epoxy-Esters

Single Component Epoxy-Esters provide enhanced corrosion resistance in an air dry or forced dry formula.  Single Component Epoxy-Esters applications include fabrication metal products and transportation industries.

2-Component Urethane Topcoats & Epoxy Primers

2-Component Urethane & Epoxy Primers are known for corrosion and chemical resistance. These products are spray applied. They cure by cross-linking and will air dry but can be force dried. The Urethane Topcoats complete the system providing long-term protection with exceptional gloss retention. The markets that most commonly use these 2-Component systems are heavy equipment, chemical pumps and related equipment, oilfield/gas equipment, and other steel surfacing requiring a high level of corrosion resistance with coating longevity.

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